Watch Repair in Oxford, MS



Your watch does more than just keep time. It is an extension of your personal style statement. So before you discard it for a new one when it stops working, bring it in for repair. Sometimes all that is required is a simple battery replacement or cleaning. We are also able to replace broken parts to get your timepiece ticking again in no time.

Watch Repair Services:
  • Replace Crystals
  • Repair/Replace Clasp
  • Repair Stem and Crowns
Certified Pre-Owned Rolex watches Steven Rose Jewelers is not an authorized dealer for Rolex USA or affiliated with any of its subsidiaries.
Watches, Bands and Batteries
Get your watch working again when you come to us for service and parts. We work on all makes and models of watches. We carry watches and offer parts and service for most watches.
Watch Restoration
Refurbish any watch with help from our restoration experts. Everything from replacing bands and links to cleaning to a complete overhaul is available. We offer it all when it comes to watch restoration.
Tell the time in style with watch repair and restoration at Steven Rose Jewelers in Oxford, MS. We are able to work on and provide parts for a wide range of watches. A selection of watches is also available for sale at our jewelry store. Call us today! 662-380-5023.